Faith Leaders Take Action

So you think your pastor can hoop?
June 2016 "So You Think Your Pastor Can Hoop" charity basketball game hosted by Christian Tabernacle Baptist Church in Hamden. Clergy advocate, Pastor Keith King is pictured center. ConnCAN partnered with Pastor King and participated in the game, which featured more than a dozen pastors from throughout the state and raised funds for a Hamden summer learning program.

Your support also made it possible for us to further develop partnerships with clergy leaders from across the state to expand educational opportunity for kids. In the 2013 legislative session, we first partnered with 15 clergy leaders to raise awareness of the state of education in our communities and call for innovation and improvement in our schools.

In the 2016 legislative session, we came together with 29 clergy leaders to advocate for Connecticut kids. A highlight of the year was being invited by Rev. Lindsay Curtis of Grace Baptist Church in Norwalk to host an education panel at the 2016 Connecticut State Missionary Baptist Convention, a group of 70 Connecticut churches. The panel “Education in Connecticut: Are We Preparing Our Kids for Success,” featured: Shiloh Baptist Church Rev. Carl McCluster; ConnCAN CEO Jennifer Alexander; Chief of Staff for the City of Stamford and United Baptist Church of Stamford Minister Michael Pollard; and Varick Memorial AME Zion Church Rev. Eldren Morrison. The discussion sparked a call to action for pastors and church members to get involved in education issues and the political process. We were also proud to partner with Pastor Keith King of Christian Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church to help support “So You Think Your Pastor Can Hoop,” a charity basketball game to raise funds for a summer learning program.

This fall, when the CCJEF v. Rell opportunity arose, 103 clergy leaders across the state wrote an open letter calling for action from our state leaders. The letter was followed up with op-eds from Pastors Lenore Jordan of The New Place of Worship in Norwalk and Danny Bland of Mt. Calvary Revival Center in New Haven.  

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Advocacy in Action

Read an open letter from 103 faith leaders calling on state leaders to take action on the CCJEF v. Rell ruling. ConnCAN helped coordinate the letter, which was printed in English and Spanish as full page ads in the Hartford Courant, New Haven Register, and La Voz Hispana.